Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wall Solution - Make Use Of Leftovers

I don't know why I didn't think about it before, it just didn't come to me. Now there will be an extension of the existing block walls covered with rock. It will run about eight feet out and allow for a landing area from a newly created walkway above from the driveway.

Shown above is a footing I worked on yesterday. It took (11) 80 pound bags of quickcrete, measuring eight feet long by 12 inches wide and eight inches deep-- with rebar. I must be getting old dammit. 11 bags equals 880 pounds but the mixing in the wheel barrel beat me up along with digging the footer...roots again!

What happened to the days when lifting 13 tons of beer was a typical workday? I wasn't that freaking tired. Yup, that's what a friend and I calculated we handled on an average day back in the 80's when I spent time in that crazy business. I still dream about was fun!

New walkway needs some adjustment, but I was getting tired. Found a place for those PT boards but I will stain them. They now provide some separation from a planned parking area and the walkway. Added benefit is another drainage route; making three.

White arrows indicate new drainage under the walkway. Blue highlight is a source of another troubled rain water runoff area. Now I wouldn't mind seeing if it works but I'd be glad not to see rain for the rest of the year.

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