Monday, June 25, 2012

Daves Garden Round Up

I don't think I mentioned it before, but I did attend one of these things two years ago. The video explains all about a round up in general. Located in Cleveland, Georgia one Dave's garden member has been putting this on for the last three years at her summer cottage. It's a good way to get together with gardeners and trade for stuff. I took along some of the leftover trailing Petunias I had, a slew of Coleus, which few bothered to take. I also dug up some of the Caldiums that were packaged wrong.

In return I received things like Toad lilies and brugmansia. I think I had the brug mixed up with something else because it looks too tropical for this area. But it survives Lulu, Ga which is about 70 miles northeast of Atlanta. Here's a pic from Bing images. Three were received; white and pinks I think.

A few Hostas found a new home and some shade plants like the Christmas Rose (forget the real name). I think there are some bleeding hearts out there too. Oh, and another was a bougainvillea. I'll have to look into that further because once again I don't think that one will make it around here. I think that came from the same woman. Love to have three or four of them around here. They have to be my favorite Florida shrub.

I can't think of the others but they are marked well. Too early in the morning to look. I still need something to replace those dead Impatiens. Probably just stick all the leftover Coleus in there. The moonflowers are beginning to take off. I'm looking forward to seeing them in a few months. Hopefully jungle like appearance.

The video. I'm getting attached to this little HD camera. It doesn't do indoors very well, but most shots were taken with bright backdrops. I couldn't even fix it with my Sony Vegas (Pro 11) edit program that has an excellent white balance and color corrector that I'm getting familiar with.


  1. You handle that camera very well and its a great quality picture. You have the perfect voice for narration.

  2. Yea, many say that about my voice Tammy. You almost can't miss with a HD camera in so far as picture quality. I'm going to take my hobby to the local chamber of commerce. I really enjoy doing video and especially editing...and those folks have no video on their site.