Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rain and More Rain

Glad to have it. Gives me time to work on a project I've dreamed about the past few years. Considering Google doesn't like smaller mom and pops type websites anymore it's time to get going with another revenue source. Mom and Pops? Yea, those that don't have big brand recognition. The Gorg business model is all about money nowadays and not the relevance they claim to brag about. Most people don't notice the difference, but one thing is clear, Home Depot ain't gonna give you the information you want.

Video. Having invested enough into it I gotta get it going again. Considering I now have the ability to put something together that includes all aspects it should be a good revenue source. Aspects include filming, editing, and production of the final product. There are two competitors really, but they don't have the source to market it as I do.

My source is hardwoodinstaller.com. Sure traffic is down 45% from pre-Google messing or what they called Panda, but still enough to grab the right people. A test run on my packaging.

Admittedly, all of my previous videos have horrible picture and light quality. But I never put enough time into learning the right way. So much went over my head the last time I looked into it. I suppose I didn't have the right concentration and comprehension. A better diet may be helping my aged mind as well.

Now it's all coming together...and there are so many things to know. Correct camera settings..duh! Good lighting..duh! Color correction...cool tool. Divide into chapters etc. How to render it properly is also a biggie. I put this short clip up on YouTube. Looks good from my house, but it won't look the same on a DVD, and a wide screen TV to boot.

Having looked at the competitors, one is made very well (lighting could be better) but doesn't really show what most people want to see. The other has horrible light, and filmed by what appears to be the guys wife. And yet this guy is the go to guy at FineHomebuilding magazine for hardwood flooring. No tripod, so the video is all over the place. Both were produced by Taunton who published things like Fine Gardening, Fine Homebuilding etc.

My advantage is I can produce each one for about $ 2.00 not including the time spent making it. I suspect I'll need two months to edit as I expect it to run about 70 minutes. Good project for this winter. The other guys are selling at almost 30 bucks. I'm looking for a safe estimate I can sell two per day just from the site...and I haven't even developed another domain that's perfect for this.

Should be interesting, but I have one problem..mentioned on the video and here.

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