Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nooooo More!

For years I've always had a problem with eating the right foods. Doesn't everyone? It really got to me this spring when I couldn't stop from shaking. I've always had issues with it but got more pronounced the last few years. So I looked and researched a bit into what's in Coke Zero. Done with that. Save $20 a week.

Since, it's been the local spring water. At least now I can write a check without the struggle. Then there's constantly being  hungry and those so called good foods just add to the problem. Two really surprised me. Granola and wheat bread. They have high fructose corn syrup in them along with all the other crap in the trash basket. Ketchup contains that crap too. The Town House wheat crackers couldn't fit in the trash can.

Not only hungry, but the shakes come back from time to time, particularly in the morning. Bad blood sugar from my research. So I'm gonna eat Jap...or come close. I even bought some green tea, but am skeptical when I look in the grocery aisle and see too much of one thing. It tells me the masses are buying it and they're always wrong...just like me. Look at the yogurt aisle! Most of that stuff doesn't work to keep the weight off, unless you starve yourself.

That's what it's mostly about with me. Tired of the gut. In recent summers I've always lost 15 pounds or so by this time. No change this year. I even dumped the chips and ice cream. Instead eating salads for lunch (sandwich and wheat bread) and 60 cal pudding after dinner. Not gonna cut it. That 60 cal stuff has something in it not good for ya. Eat Jap...except for the baked potatoes (they're good for you) and I don't think they do much veggies...high cost over there? I could be wrong. Got some brown rice. Avocado too. Oatmeal for breakfast.

Bread? Rumor has it rice bread is perfect or something else called ...I forget. Imagine the confusion when I inquired about some of this stuff at the local Walmart yesterday. Folks, I live in a town that's raised on fried chicken and other fatty stuff. Once everyone, or so it seems, gets out of high school, marries, has a few kids, they're done! Not long ago I was at the Ford dealership. A mother and daughter were talking near me. High school age, she looked great. Pretty and fit. The mother on the other hand, overweight with a bad complexion. I imagine the mother looked the same when younger.

 I'll try some baking...


  1. So proud of you for doing this. YOU will feel like you could eat the soles of your shoes for the first month and you will feel so hungry but if you can get over that hump you are in for a treat. You will have to make yourself eat. You will have more energy and you wont wake up sluggish and tired. GOOD you are reading labels, hidden starches that turn into sugar not to mention sugar that is added. I know you read my blog on what I have been doing, if you have question, I will be glad to help. I make my own egg white mayo which I love. I still add sugar to afew things but not like what is in packaged foods. you will not find packaged food in this house unless hubby sneaks it in. He still eats some fast food and I hope with my example he will learn how bad that stuff is.

    Will love to know how that bread turns out. Where did you find the rice flour? I want to make some bread for hubby so I will be watching your blog to see.

    YOU will find it does cost more to eat this way but when you see how you feel. Its worth it.

    Flax seed is great too.

    OH! how did you do on stopping smoking? I use to smoke from 1973 to 1983 but stopped. Hardest thing I ever did. I would have bad dreams that I started smoking. I almost wrecked the car and more. Its hard but it can be done.

    Roasting veggies on the grill, WOW, the flavor is outstanding.

    I still eat meat and eggs but I do eat lean too. Bacon, I still have it weekly...

    Bloodwork is all normal now even eating bacon. I tell you, its the sugar and starches. you can google for a list of starchy foods and veggies. Starches break down into sugar, and if you are not going to burn that off, it will make you gain. so keep on the lookout as to when you eat them. Don't eat them for dinner as you will not burn them off. Keep your dinner protein and veggies and a flax seed brownie does not hurt either. The recipe is on my blog.

    If I can help, holler.

  2. Oh, freeze some bananas and strawberries, Then in a food processor, I have one of those ninja's. add a touch of skim milk to one frozen banana and 5 strawberries and process, YOU get the most amazing ice cream.... thick and scoopable.

    Make your own turkey sausage, from turkey breast. If you find its too dry, add an apple to it, it will be very moist.

    Hope this helps some..

  3. Oops, forgot, God gave us real butter, He did not give us fake margarine. we eat real butter here in moderation and our blood work is normal. God gave us real sugar, not fake stuff. everything in moderation.

    OH and as for looking better, you will see your completion improving. I was astounded at how I looked back in March and now. Skin is not pasty but bright and clear. When you feel better on the inside, it shows outward. Friends have seen a difference.

  4. Could it possibly be that this year you haven't been doing as much to the garden? Previous years looked like a lot more work. Exercise is an important component.

    I think you can find granola without HFCS in it but it's pretty easy to make your own. It's basically just oatmeal and honey. I have a couple of granola bar type recipes on my site if you're interested. I was trying to mimic Clif Bars so I add some whey powder for added protein. The first is more like a traditional granola bar, the second has a softer texture.

    Same thing with whole wheat bread at least in my area there are some without HFCS but I read something recently that wheat is bad in general when it comes to getting rid of the spare tire. I'm not sure what to make of that though. I really like bread. Would be difficult to give up. Make my own whole wheat bread, muffins, pizza and tortillas from time to time when I can.

    I agree with what Tammy said about butter. Except for low fat milk I generally eat "normal" versions of food and ingredients but try to keep some of them in moderation especially when it comes to sugar and fat. A little extra salad dressing can make a big dent. This time of year with fresh greens and tomatoes from the garden I don't want to cover up the taste too much so it's easy. In the winter with store bought tomatoes though... bleh