Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tinkering With New Toys

Trying to get up to speed if I want to create some professional videos for the hardwood flooring site. I've learned a huge amount the last few weeks. Trying to remember is the hardest part, but that's where notes come in. Lot's of notes! And without YouTube tutorials I don't think I could muster it. Problem is I still need some video footage. Maybe I've said it in the past, actual professionals don't understand what I'm doing or how it can benefit them.

Considering I have three older videos on YouTube dating back to 2009. Boy are they crappy looking. Yet they get traffic. I think the last count is 600,000 views for the three. That's where professionals in the trade don't see it. That's 600,000 potential customers...if I integrate their business into the video. Okay, maybe not 600,000 because I lose about 20% in the first one minute and twenty seconds of each one on average. A simple byline across each video will get some eyeballs...or maybe something like the short clip below. It's also called branding.

So many freaking possibilities. I don't think I've seen any similar ideas to the above on all the YT videos I've watched. Sure, you may have seen those annoying "annotations" YT describes them as. Red bold ugly looking things that make people click the back page. Or how about those 30 second intros? Geez, looks nice fella but I won't be around to see the rest of your video. My non intrusive effects will sell some DVD's..and who knows what else I can dream up.

And then again...going back to professionals. Many think it's already been done ...videos that is. They haven't seen anything yet. I've analyzed the paltry competition. Btw, my costs are now down to 65 cents on total production per dvd. That's buying all items in 100 lots.

Anyway, the new toy...a small camera that shoots both standard definition and HD. Problem is I may get too attached to HD and buy a big HD camera. It sure would put the icing on the cake with the "competition" But it takes up so much space. This video is 650 MEG's. I have no problems on my PC as all the components can handle it with ease. Having a DSL connection does present some problems as it took two hours to upload the video.

It's my first..and the setting was off...cloudy day would have been better too.  I didn't discover that until later. This little gizmo is so tiny and the functions are touch screen...always hard for me. Like that Iphone I'm about to dump. Contact expires soon. I'm happy with a standard phone...even Dollar General sells em.

A brief trip around the yard...I knew it wouldn't fit..Here's the link

North Georgia Mountain Garden


  1. I have been following your blog off and on, watching you put in so much time and effort. You have created a photographers dream in my book, what a green thumb you have there. Outstanding homestead tucked away into the woods, I had no idea before this video your creek was that loud. That is perfect music to relax too. Your video camera has perfect clarity and you have the voice for "How To" vids. GOOD luck in your endeavors.

  2. Thanks Tammy:

    It's been a trying year with more plant diseases than in the past. I suppose I'm lucky because I don't have the problems others have, particularly with deer and rabbits.

    About the camera. It's easy with HD, but as mentioned it should have been on a different setting. I tend to try things without looking at manuals first.