Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hydrangeas and Stuff

These guys are coming along. Endless Summer bought back in May of 2010, though I'm not happy with the odd shape. They need some hackin' Probably this fall. I did trim the larger straggler branches earlier this spring, but as I look around here and there I see some folks treat these things different. One in particular along the main drag going into town. It grows to 8 and 10 feet high in late summer, blooms like crazy and then cut almost to the roots in the spring.

Made some babies from these guys last year. Four of them to count. Coming along nicely. Here's one about 18 inches high. Others are here and there in the woods.

More being rooted on the porch, but these are called Forever & Ever Blue Haven Hydrangea. Taken from new plants I picked up a few weeks ago. Problem is the adults (one so far) is beginning to  blooming pink?? Even after using some product that is supposed to keep them blue. Have to wait on that.

Oh, a new spot for the newbies...and a few Azaleas picked up along the way. There's also one called Flowerwood Sister Theresa that is supposed to stay white...upper right..itty bitty thing with two flowers.

Unfortunately my climbing hydrangea isn't blooming this year. I hear they need to climb and spread first, but yet the first year they bloomed. Could be time for some bloom booster.

And about these things. A climbing Nasturtium. So? When does it plan on climbing?

Petunias along the lawn coming along, but for some reason one of the white Waves in the pots is dying:( I do have two backups though. No Petunias along the drive pics. You'll have to wait a month or so but they're looking good.


  1. Those hydrangeas look great! I want to try growing them this year but we may be too far north. Did you build that section of fence in the bottom picture?

  2. Gosh, I think they're ugly. They were hit by a frost in mid April. I've wanted to cut them (shape them) back ever since, but told to wait until later in the year. Fence? Common split rail.