Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Creek Rocks For Landscaping & Flower Beds

Rocks from creek for landscaping Considering I have 600 lineal feet of creek to play with along the property, there's no shortage of rocks, especially flat ones for landscaping. All sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors. It's always fun to play in the creek anyway. I only wish I could drag some boulders from the creek. That would make a statement with a few of those lying around. Time to look into a backhoe rental?

Many shapes and sizes of creek rocks

A pile is ready for use around some new flower beds created by Mom who is visiting for three weeks.

Rounded creek rocksAfter seeing the results once the stones are in place, free standing rock walls are beginning to look more attractive. Perhaps they can be put on the mortered block wall around the driveway? A few new examples of using creek rocks for smaller flower beds.

Long time ago....

Another garden started. Shown is the artist..Mom

creek rock garden border

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