Thursday, September 4, 2008

Replace Chain Saw Chain - Video, Pictures

Maybe you're like me. Lost or misplaced the chain saw manual? Can't find the information you're looking for immediately on the web? Dozens of pages on chainsaws but nuttin' on replacing the chain. In my frustration I decided to do a small story on the subject after I could not get the information from the Husqvarna website. They said I needed an updated Adobe Reader. Duh, I just downloaded it.

Cleaning chain saw
Yes, PICS! You'll find oodles of pictures on this blog. This is not your standard website that shows text only. We Americans need pictures of how to do things, otherwise many of us are lost, like me. While searching I was using the wrong terms, leading to my inability to find anything. Then I ran across some Expert Village videos. Not impressed by some I saw in the past on different subjects, this set is very good.

The chainsaw blade had dulled very quickly after making a half dozen cuts through some railroad ties. My handyman guy recommended a replacement. After opening the side mount where the sprocket is located I found this thing caked with creosote. A brush and mineral spirits did the trick to clean and was allowed to thoroughly dry. Word of caution. When handling any mineral spirits use common sense and stay away from any open flames or heat sources.

Follow the website link below for more tips on chainsaw use.

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