Monday, September 22, 2008

Abondoned Homes, Barns - Pictures, Photos

In my travels you see more of this in low income rural areas. If these old places could only talk. Abandoned over the years, perhaps by children that did not want to follow the family footsteps into the rugged world of farming. Weathered and beaten, these old places have always fascinated me.

Kudzu vines engulfing a small farm house.

Kudzu vines taking over farmhouse Of particular interest are the large number of abandoned pumping stations all over older more established roads. I always think of Andy Griffith when passing these beauties. The filling station was the place to be on the edge of the county. Even today I have to wonder how these people made a profit, or maybe it was a way to exist. No greed on their minds.

Old Georgia filling station I drive this part of Clear Creek Road that comes into highway 52 if I want to take the back way into East Ellijay that comes out on 515 at Yukon. Each time I rarely see more than one or two cars and yet there was a gas station/general store here. Imagine what it was like in it's prime. Two cars every hour? A half a dozen customers each day?

Looking inside I couldn't understand why there were vertical bars on the windows. Security? That wouldn't make sense. Even today people do not lock their doors.

Inside fillin station/general store

The next photo was yards away from the filling station. There are other structures close to one another along the highway. At one time this spot could have been a busy meeting place with other forms of retail stores, or perhaps the shopkeepers home.

More to come...

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