Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Pine Stair Treads On Steps

They call it a rustic cabin, but this was too rustic for me. The stairs that lead to the loft were never finished. The treads were installed with 2 x 12 framing lumber and 1x pine risers. Today these steps would never pass code wherever you lived. I had a difficult time walking them because the rise was not calculated properly; creating a tripping hazard.

Steps before new pine stair treads

Pine tread material source was 515 Lumber south of the Walmart shopping center on highway 515. These guys have a nice selection of treads running longer than eight feet. You will not find this in any home improvement store. Nothing over 48 inches can be found.

All existing treads and risers were removed exposing the stair stringers. What I couldn't get through my mind was how to go about the starting area at the bottom (photo above). Why not box it out I thought?

Square off stair treads

For more on how the project was done visit Installing Pine Stair Treads On Steps

Final pictures...

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