Thursday, October 2, 2008

Road Trips - Pebble Beach CA

It's official! I'm off to Monterey the second week of February 2009.

What for?

What else?

Reservations in Salinas at the Courtyard Salinas Monterey February 11-14, 2009.

I've always wanted to see this tournament. More so after I dominated the old Sega Pebble Beach golf links game. Each hole is memorized. I can almost remember every break on every green. I've had hole in ones on every par three including the 17th with a three wood. Sure these guys today are hitting seven irons! Other notable scores include a double eagle on #2 with a three wood off the fairway. My best scores are 56 a few times and a number of other scores under 60.

I'll have to dig out that old Sega if I didn't toss it after the recent move. Or maybe pick up another game?

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  1. Hey Ken. Art here. Sounds like a trip of a lifetime. Have a great time. The site is looking good, a lot of interesting info contained throughout.