Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why Not? Another Path Project

It's not often I get into the east side (bottom right on illustration) of the property because of the overgrowth during the summer months, but after looking at it yesterday I thought...this would really look nice. A small walkway of railroad ties and gravel leading up to the driveway from the bottom near the creek. A nice flat area along the creek exists with a small waterfall created by a fallen log. Perhaps a resting place of some sort.

I grabbed my property plat from the local county website and sketched some details providing a better idea where stuff lies in relation to the rest of the property. Unfortunately Blogger likes to turn all images into JPEGs so the clarity may be spoiled a bit. Dimensions of the property run near 600 lineal feet along the creek. Total acreage is 4.16 acres.

Anyway, this would be a large project due the steep slope from the creek bottom to the driveway shown along the property line on the right (above). Adding to the complexity are large boulders and tree roots everywhere. Elevation from the creek to the driveway could be twenty feet over a span of 100 feet. Start area on driveway will be at the start of the fencing.

The next pic is an example I found while looking through Google images. The steps will not be that wide but more on like 30-36 inch width in most areas. Those danged railroad ties are impossible to lug around in one full eight foot section. I'll just have the Lowes guy drop a bunch of them at the top of the path where I can cut and roll them down the hill. How to cut them is a dilemma. My chainsaw dulls too quickly with these things.

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