Friday, October 24, 2008

Cohutta Mountains & Highway 52

My trip to Dalton took a different route. Instead of a more standard route on highway 282 that eventually leads into Chatsworth, highway 52 goes west of Ellijay into the Cohutta Mountains to an elevation of nearly 4,000 feet. I thought I would see more pronounced fall foliage at the higher elevation, but not much of a difference was seen.

Considering I know very little of the surrounding area I never know what I'll run into. I really don't investigate before any trip either. I just prefer to go for it and see what it has to offer. First stop was the Cohutta Overlook. Pictures never explain the awe of actually being there, but shown are some examples.

The next surprise was the Cohutta Lodge and Restaurant near the peak. Views are near similar to the ones shown above. The area has much to offer and reminded me of a resort in the Poconos I stayed at a few times as a kid. Definately not as grand, but offers horseback riding, an indoor pool, and cabins scattered about but absent of chipmunks.

More pics coming down the mountain. Some color here and there.

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