Thursday, October 30, 2008

Early Winter Temperatures

I wondered if I'd be freezing my begeemas off when the temps dropped under 30 degrees. Having lived in Florida since 1980 I had concerns I'd be sitting in front of the wood burning stove all day long. Not so! But this is unusually cold weather looking back at historical numbers.

How will I feel two months from now at the end of January? Oh...forget that, I'll be in warm sunny Arizona then Southern California. I don't plan on returning until Late February when it appears things start to warm up here in the hills.

7:12 AM today...

The local weather station on the right side of this page doesn't show the actual temperatures where I am. This time of the year temps are about 4-5 degrees cooler while in the summer months about eight. Adding to the confusion is the larger thermometer. It typically reads 4 degrees cooler than the smaller one behind it (the accurate one), but it's handy to have when I don't feel like venturing out before sunrise.

The Wunderground Amicalola falls weather station(apprx 10 miles east) provides more accurate readings; very similar to my little area than others.

Looking back over the last two December months, numbers don't look too bad. At least it's not your dreary northeast type of weather, but there are some cold starts here and there. Temperatures do warm up quickly once the sun appears. Coincidentally I have been surprised to see so many sunny days this year, but as Mom told me "'re in the south."

Looks like I can squeeze in some golf late in the year.

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