Friday, October 10, 2008

Dahlonega GA - Gold In Them Hills

I've always wanted to visit Dahlonega since moving to North Georgia. Fact is it was the first location of any genuine gold rush in USA history occuring in 1828. People from all walks of life and location rushed to northeastern Georgia. There are several mines scattered across the area that can be visited. Of interest on this short day trip was the museum located in the town square. Unknown to me, Dahlonega (pronounced dah-lon-ega) actually had a US mint up until the start of the Civil War. The building now houses the North Georgia College & State University. Like the capital building in Atlanta, the college steeple is coated in gold.

Gold mine links-

For visitors there's no shortage of antique, jewelry and other assorted shops around the square including the Dahlonega General Store.

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