Monday, October 20, 2008

Progress With Last Project Of The Year

Last project? It may be, considering how the weather has changed. I'm trying to get acclimated to the colder months ahead. This morning's temperature on the back porch reached a low of 32 degrees at 7:21 AM after a low of 37 Sunday. I'm definately not out the door at daybreak nowadays, but wait until the sun begins to peak through the trees around 8:30 AM.

Progress on the two tired retaining wall started last week. Oh wait here's a funny pic, but this picture was taken around noon when the temps reached into the 50's. Weed whacker mamma is dressed for a blizzard.

Progress pics on the walls... I dug all the footers that probably amounted to 90 linear feet. Rocks and roots were commonplace. Project took me about eight hours over several days. I did hire some pros to handle the block and stone work after I realized I didn't want to screw it up.

The Lowes delivery guy could not get down the driveway in his truck this time around so all four trips started at the top backwards. Doing the math, he racked up over one mile driving backwards.

Okay, my final project before the real cold weather sets in may be a set of steps at the far end of the wall shown below.

I had to create something on that side of the yard because of the water runoff. A path bordered with stone and elevated about 12 inches should keep the drainage at bay. There were no other choices unless I dug a ditch to the creek. But who wants to dig through a maze of roots and higher elevation. Plus the wildflower patches would be affected.

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