Friday, October 31, 2008

Planning West Coast Trip

Out of curiosity I checked to see how expensive it would be to have my Ford crew cab shipped from the west coast to Atlanta in February. I have no intention of driving back to the east coast whatsoever. 3,000 miles is enough and I've never been on a coast to coast train before either.

Suprisingly quotes to ship the truck are around $ 1,000. I thought it would be more than double that. Transit time is 7-10 days, but I'm not sure where the start place would be yet. Phoenix, LA, San Diego, or San Jose.

The Train Trip!

I'm tempted to go off the wagon...hehe. Sounds like a blast but leave the smokes behind:( Actually there are many stops where I can smoke as many as needed. Two options.

1- TO Chicago, Washington DC, then Atlanta
2- TO New Orleans then to Atlanta

Let's say the departure date is February 23. Going out of Tucson the start would be 2:20 AM (Yuk)I guess pasenger trains don't run into Phoenix.

1- I've been along this route before. Quite a bit of it follows Interstate 10. Timewise it's shorter along with cost. Arrive New Orleans the following day at 4PM(36 hours) Transfer to another train that leaves out of ...Forget that, see pic.

2- New country to see! Well almost. I would rather go through the Rockies. Never been to Chicago either. Probably colder than ...that time of the year.

Another option. Leave from Northern Cal after the Pebble Beach ProAm and really go through the Rockies! Not sure how much I would enjoy being on a train for five days though. Actually five transfers. Hmmn, Looks like the snow prohibits that particular route during the winter. I'll have to keep digging, otherwise it wants to take me up to Washington state and across the northern US border that includes a long bus ride as well.

View the lodging arrangements....tiny, tiny cabins.

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