Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sometimes You Have To Wonder

Short story today...gravel being delivered.
What's wrong with this picture? The driver has yet to get out of his truck.


No tailgate!! I could not believe this. This guy drove ten miles from the plant including one mile up and down my weathered bumpy road. I could only imagine how much rock was left in his wake. Wow! Talk about some liability issues. He claimed somebody else broke the tailgate off last week. So they've been riding this truck all over the county since.

Yes there were small piles of rock here and there leading up my gravel road.


Um, I kinda wanted it centered so it would line up with the flagstone walkway. Something about not being able to get the level in between the block and steps to check for plumb. It was fixed.

I'm off to Dalton, Georgia (50 miles west of here) for a few days to catch up with some flooring inspectors. The event is a flooring inspectors convention. Many of these folks I have never met; only knowing them from internet message boards over the years. Should be interesting.

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