Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Petunias On A Hill Part 4

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It's becoming obvious what these trailing Petunias like when watching how they grow in certain areas. The most abundant growth shows on the ledge atop a small wall along the driveway. A good potion of that soil is thick Georgian clay transported from half way up the driveway. I actually thought it would be the worst growing soil, but it was mixed in with new composted mulch. I think it has more to do with the absorption qualities of the clay.

This is also the only area where none were cut back, so they have had a chance to grow. It's also an area that has not been fertilized. The ones on the bank aren't doing so well, but they were cut back. I do have some on the other side, almost out of view that are doing better. See below.

I do have some annual Verbena and white Angelonia in the boxed areas, but it seems they are slow going. My feeling is the soil is loose and loses water too quickly. But the past three weeks all areas have received lot's of water. Two inches of rain and another two or three from the sprinkler system. As hot as it gets in this spot it does need quite a bit of attention, or so it seems.

Moving down the driveway it's much like the upper bank. Slow going after a haircut two weeks ago. Oh well, these little buggers last into November so there's still plenty of time.

Looking at the other side of the driveway, no fertilizer or cutting back except for the Angelonia that is beginning to thrive. Some folks say they like neglect  and dry conditions, but not around here. My best example of that are the two wine barrels I have with the soil always staying moist.  One shown below.

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