Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rain...More Drainage - Video

I've been waiting for a good gully washer to see what my latest drainage situation may be.

I was thinking of putting some kind of cover that absorbs water where you see all the water laying. But it's not going to help I figure. Look like it's time for some kind of drain and underground pipe that will empty into the creek. Besides grass between the flagstones in that area will not grow with the runoff problem. I'm not looking forward to the trench digging. I guarantee a few monster roots will be in the way. I'll have to find more work to do so a trench digger would be worth the expense for a day. Something like the one below but smaller.

Creek Gone Wild


  1. Water water everywhere. Out here we call that a flash flood.

  2. We had quite a bit of rain up here as well.

    Looks the stone you put down is very close to the creek. Aren't you afraid that with a great deal of rain and snow that it could wash out the bank?

  3. I have some flagstones set vertically at the edge buried about 12 inches down. Very sturdy. Next spring I plan to reinforce it with concrete under the flagstone. I thought I had a pic of that somewhere?

  4. It's here near the bottom