Sunday, December 14, 2008

Red Wood Chips For Path Extension

I didn't think they'd be that red. I assumed it was the stuff they had laying around the front of the office. After placing an order for a sizable load of chips, the gal called me later asking if red was okay. I said..."what's the difference they eventually fade or bleach out in sunlight don't they?" I sure wish she had gone through this more carefully because sometimes I don't listen too well. Imagine that:)

I didn't know there were options because I didn't see really RED wood chips at the landscape place. All I saw were standard wood chips. Oh well, I'm over it. Just wondering how long it will take to turn the brown color I've been reading about. A few good hard rains will help too.

red wood chipsSo it's the extension of the pathway on the west side that will keep me busy until I make the Christmas trip Thursday or Friday to Florida. Keeping clear of orange flags (wild flowers) that someone stuck in the ground a few months ago, the path takes a squiggly route and follows the creek closely in one area. Could be a spot for a small sitting area with flagstone I have left over. Dam up the creek a little and it could also offer a trout fishing hole, but not sure how my neighbor would feel about that. But he has kids, they'd probably enjoy it.

More firewood sources on this side of the spread. The maple below must have fallen the past few years or so. Large enough that I can barely get my 16 inch chainsaw through it. A few details about the picture. Orange line indicates property line; another fifty feet or so. White will be the direction of the path, and the arrow indicates a wash area I discovered. Actually I think some of it comes from the gravity spring ...not sure. More investigation needed.

Cool place for a whee lil bridge eh?

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  1. Well, you could look at it as a positive... it will be a lot harder to get lost in the forest. Just follow the red wood path! :)