Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Waterfalls - Nine Counted - "Running Waters"

This morning after checking out yesterdays snowfall (temps still at 32 degrees) around the property, I never have counted the small waterfalls I have. Being used to the subtle sound I don't notice it much anymore, but from time to time walk out on the porch and remind myself..."you have scenery with fantastic sound."

On the jaunt around this morning I counted nine small waterfalls up and down the creek. One on the far east side(first clip in the video below) of the property has taken on a different shape and sound thanks to some clogged leaves against a fallen log. It's now the loudest part of the creek. A few months back I had planned a continued walkway and a small sitting area. That additional log I was thinking about will make it a really nice secluded part of the property with cool sound.

Walking the length of the creek path there is never an absence of running or falling water. My mother had always wanted to put a name on this place. Why not simply running waters?


  1. 1. Running waters has a nice ring to it. Very 'Gone With the Wind'. I second the vote!

    2. I *just* found out you had blog. I've bookmarked it. Sheesh!

  2. Now that I think about it, the creek at the bottom of Paste Road sledding hill always sounded so much louder in the winter.

  3. Well, I know who Kim is, but the other??

  4. Do I detect sarcasm?

    How many Jennifer's beyond your niece do you know?

  5. Oh my! A lost relative surfaces! hehe

    I may scrap this lousy password comment thingie. I can hardly remember it and yet I'm logged into the control center and I still have to use it. It's designed for spam comments. What do you think?

  6. Yes, it is I, the honorable Jennifer L. Welker, presiding from the State of New York. Despite the possibility of term limit extensions my time in the great City of New York is about to expire and I will be returning to my roots in the good state of Florida. hahaha!

    I don't have an issue with the word verification. Or are you referring to The Host having to approve a comment before posting. That feature I think can be removed.

  7. Our most honorable niece is quite amusing. I can only wonder which court she presides over...