Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Summit - Top Of The Hill

It's not often I climb the summit. At least that's what I now call it. It's the top side of the property, spanning two acres or so. The guy who handled the surveying when I bought the place didn't use good markers so now that the leaves are off the trees I can find older ones and make them more obvious.

It's not sloped as bad as I thought and there is a flat area (white arrow) on top for another small cabin. Double white line indicates the driveway that borders the east side of the property. Orange line shows the property line to the top or north side. Gravel driveway is the extreme west side line that extends to the creek and my neighbor.

And 'lil Freddie took the trip with me. He's become attached to me now that I save steak bones for him.

Oh lookie here, remnants of an old still my neighbor told me about. This lies on his side of the gravel road above. There's also another one across the creek from me. I'll get some piocs of that another day.

old moonshine still Ellijay

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