Monday, December 1, 2008

Snow in North Georgia - Ellijay GA

See the video wrap up below....

At least it's snowing east of Ellijay, Georgia where I am located. It has to be borderline as the temperature shows 34 degrees on the back porch at 6:15 AM. A few degrees warmer and it's bound to be rain. Another size able round of precip is on the way and should reach within an hour or so. Shown on the map it's moving left to right or west to east. I am located east of the circle and plus sign halfway to the county border.

Thinking back this is the first time I've actually seen any reasonable (more than flurries and something on the ground) snowfall amount since October of 1978 when I spent some time in Flagstaff, Arizona. Some fellow workers and I took a weekend trip to the Grand Canyon and stayed overnight near the campus of Northern Arizona University.

It all that green stuff becomes snow, I ain't going anywhere today. The steep driveway will not be navigable. It's bad enough with wet slippery leaves. Almost forgot UPS is is due. I wonder if they'll make an attempt to get down here. I'll get some pics of him trying to get out...LOL.


  1. I LOVE the sound of the creek in your video. Looks like a very dreary day but fun also.

  2. Sure has been fun..playing inside with video. I'll have another up by 5:30 PM EST

  3. not enough to make a snowman yet.... yet. Video is great and the fence on the driveway looks fantastic! I'll have to get mimi over here to show her.