Thursday, November 27, 2008

Up Tennesee Way - Almost. Thanksgiving

I couldn't turn down an invite for a Thanksgiving bite from Chip who handled my stone work recently. He talked about his property but I didn't think it would be as nice as it really is. He was low key about it...grumbling more about how well my creek runs compared to his that now runs on a trickle. But, it trickles into a nice sized pond full of trout that he raises.

Apparently with the small trickle the pond isn't a good environment for trout at the moment due to the ongoing drought in the area. Trout need plenty of oxygen I'm told, and the creek is the major supplier. Not much of a fisherman on this end, he was talking about two foot long trout. Sounds big to me!

Apparently his six acre spread did well when conditions were good for the trout. With signs posted along roadsides in the area people would tent out in the yard and woods for a chance at a good catch. Only fee was $ 5.00 a pound if you took the fish home with you. It sounds so simple. He adores the place and I don't blame him. I'd love to see it with the trees in full cover.

Three year old Adrian gives me casting lessons. This little guy knew what he was doing.

A ride up some dirt trails with Laddy Boy in back of the pickup with Chip's son who is back from Iraq for awhile. The views are impressive looking east to where Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee meet. Some stubborn oaks dotted across the landscape yet to drop all their leaves.

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