Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Water - Frozen Pipes?

I'm guessing there must be a clogged frozen area along the route to the gravity well. Part of it just lays on the soil deep into the woods leading from the well about 100 yards up into the hilly area to my north. Incidentally the well is shared with my neighbor if I hadn't mentioned it. It may be time to look into this situation but what else would be the cause? I do have a small drool once the spigots are turned on then nothing. Temps dipped below 20 overnight.
Frozen lawn:(

May also be time to get this wood stove figured out. It has a fan function but it didn't help yesterday after running for an hour. Should it blow very warm heat or not? It doesn't. Manufacture no longer in business. No luck in obtaining an owners operation manual. I had this thing burning from 10AM yesterday. Maximum temp achieved downstairs indoors was only 73. Upstairs much warmer as heat rises.

Another quandary. Should the stove be extinguished when the house is empty? I don't think the fire will go anywhere if I'm gone for an hour or so. I've done it a few times and it has spooked me, wondering if the place burned down. Problem is the warmth leaves the cabin very quickly once there is no heat source. I've seen it drop from 70 to 62 in a matter of a few hours.

Ah, life in the mountains. Fun, fun, fun.

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