Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cordele Ga Hotel Hunt - Ashburn Inn

Headed back home and a stopover before my trip to Plains Monday.

I often wondered what the cut rate motels look like these days and been meaning to check a few out while going through the southern and central part of Georgia. After all, what's the difference between a $100 room and twenty nine these days? Sure enough you'll get a nice comfy king sized bed at LaQuinta or that other place I can never remember. Same sized bed at the Ashburn Inn in Cordele(south of Macon on I-75 at mile marker 101) .

Not as soft but why pay an extra $70.00 for that? A few less pillows and not as fluffy, but hey, if others aren't spending in these uncertain times I may as well do some budgeting too. The room has a coffee maker. That in itself is probably the most important aspect I was looking for. Yea, I could drag around a coffee maker, but eventually I'd forget it and buy another one here and there. Before you know it I'd have five instead of two at home.

At one time high speed internet was a priority before I signed up with Verizon this past summer. There seemed to be one problem after another connecting wherever I went. With any hotel one should always be aware of what kind of high speed you get if an internet connection is important while travelling. Hard wire is about the only service I could rely on, and many hotels have wifi that always gave me fits.

Hey look at gas prices here! Apparently Cordele has the lowest hotel taxes on I-75 or so a billboard tells me so. Looks like the lowest gas prices too. A mere five weeks ago I was paying $4.00 in this same state! Think it will go lower? I expect a bump up soon...they can't go straight down.

The rest of the room? Shower squirts out some pretty stiff water. Watch those private parts. Couldn't adjust the shower head. Microwave, fridge and a very good cable selection. Better than other semi pricy road hotels. Minor paint peeling here and there. Towels aren't scratchy(Verizon dead zone advertisement). Off to dinner at the Golden Corral, another excellent budget type choice for about $ 11.00. The Corral is a buffet style restaurant.

EDIT- $ 13.00. Prices must have increased.

Conclusion. I don't need to spend an extra 70 bucks for a USA Today. Nor do I need a continental breakfast which I never eat anyway except for a banana and a small OJ. I've always been fond of that other place I cannot name. Maybe I'll bring my own pillows and comforter next time to make up for the minor shortcomings.

Hampton Inn. Now I remember. And yes this small hotel has a continental breakfast too!

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