Monday, November 17, 2008

Daily Chore For Winter - Firewood

No shortage of finding firewood around here and it looks like plenty will be used over the next few days. Temps are supposed to drop below 20 overnight tonight. Brrrr. I'm trying to stay away from using electric heat except for mornings to get the temps up to 70 inside. Turned off until afternoon for the stove.

The fallen trees along the driveway (fence in background) should provide a few months of firewood. I'm thinking they were originally cut and bulldozed off the bank when the cabin was built in 1991. After 17 years they are still quite good for firewood. Damned logs can get heavy. Good thing the stove can only handle 14 inch logs. I've been working the one in the foreground with another twenty feet to go toward the trunk.

No I haven't gained a bunch of weight. This is my early AM winter working garb. As mentioned before it's pleasant in the morning after a 15 minute workout lugging firewood or shovelling dirt (plenty of that needed around here). Otherwise I'd be cabin bound all day.

Btw the stone guys are finished, or so they say they are. The hippy was an artist. If I have work done again he will get the call. I just gave up on these guys and figured I could handle minor fixes with some missing or incomplete grout work. I notice it but others would not. These guys are starving. Absolutely no work on the schedule. I'll get some pics up once I get all the stone shovelled and the drainage completed (bottom pic).

Early stages...

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