Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mother Nature Stone - Installing Rock On Foundation

Natural stone has always impressed me. I had to do something with this awful looking block foundation so I took a trip up 515 near Blue Ridge to a place called Mother Nature Stone. I was taken back by the selections with not only color but style of stone. Choosing what type to use was no problem. Finding someone to handle the job was another, so I inquired about hiring help. The office gal pulled out a list of 20 installers then I said, "let's skip to the chase, who is the best?"




Stone Type: Mountain Laurel. Local.

Enter Rock On Dude

I can't recall his actual first name because everyone called him hippie including the folks at Mother Nature. Rock On is the name of his company. Appearances can be deceiving eh? What became more amaizing was his foot wear. I guess hippy never heard of OSHA because he wore sandals! I can't imagine going through life as a stone mason wearing those! But he claimed he never had any accidents...LOL.

Hippy had an impressive portfolio of job photos from all over Gilmer and Fanin County. I can't say enough about the actual quality work he handled but he did fail to seal the stone after it was done. Failing to follow through on work discussed in this area is commonplace. I just look at it this way..."you won't get any referrals from me...nor any more work, I'll do it"

The sealing was supposed to be done after I went back to Florida in June '07. His prices were a bit high too, but I figured I may as well learn from the best because I wasn't about to keep paying these locals the kind of money they wanted for work if they can't finish what was agreed on. A lot more work is in the plans including a retaining wall around the parking area, flagstone walkway to the creek, patio, outdoor fireplace and who knows what else when I get bored.

Next. Fix that gawd awful faded stain job that had been neglected for years. Time to brighten the place up after the tree guy is called in. The painting contractor to this date is one I have been the most satisfied with. He will get referrals and calls later. Name: Jason Avery of Ellijay.


  1. fuk that shyt man im a good person dont come down on me i did a wonderful job.

  2. Hey Guy! No doubt you did a wonderful job...I said that, but you never came back to seal it. Hope all is well with you!