Sunday, August 31, 2008

Snakes And Other Critters

Living in the Ellijay area for almost five months I can't say any wildlife has me concerned. I still haven't seen the bears or coyotes the gal at the 911 emergency office talked about. I was in there to get what they needed for a post office box. Things that crawl and fly...yes I've seen some of them.

A large snapping turtle was spotted back in May laying eggs. Two species of snakes so far; both non poisonous. However a neighbor down the hill has claimed all the poisonous ones are around. I suppose it's just a matter of time. Here are a few cute guys...

Model #1 I believe a banded water snake, but there are a number of water snakes in this region.

Banded water snake. Ellijay #2 is a neat looking guy. This I know for sure is a Southern Ringneck snake...

SouthernRingneck snake Our next candidate is a nasty European Hornet. They are also termed Japanese Hornets for some reason. These guys started showing up in July and have been around since. Only a few spotted so far. I had an exterminator out a few days ago largely to take care of mice who got into the HVAC wiring in the crawlspace.

European HornetHere's a big surprise from this morning. A freaking bat! Yessir this critter was flying all over the place this morning after I turned the lights on. How it got in and for how long is unknown. Hard to really make him out because the back is turned to the camera.

Other wildlife spotted thus far.

  • Scorpion in the bathtub (about 2" in length)

  • Lot's of birds. Separate page coming soon.

  • Squirrels, but not too many. They haven't even been into the bird feeder.

  • Rabbits.

  • Wasps, carpenter bees, yellow jackets


  1. European hornets and japanese hornets are not the same.

  2. i have those european hornets at my house.and so does my boyfriend. he was walking in side and grabbed the door handle and there it was.stinging mad!