Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rental Cabins In North Georgia Mountains

Considering much of the current writing is based on memory, I'm having a hard time finding how I found the site that led me to a week's rental of this pictuersque cabin located on the Ellijay River. I'm not much of an organized person, especially considering most of my paperwork still sits in boxes from a recent move. Hopefully I'll dig up the name of the website before the end of this story.

The week long stay was the second week of May 2006 in this three bedroom cabin located off Whitepath Road about five miles north of Ellijay east of 515. Very clean and set in a nestled valley with the Ellijay River winding around the cabin. About the only thing I didn't like was the smoking rules. Not even allowed on the property! There was a caretaker who lived about 100 yards away so it was almost like high school all over again sneaking smokes.

Other pictures included are a cabana located a few feet from the back porch that contained a hot tub and another view of the river winding east. I only wish current building codes allowed for structures to be closer than 50 feet from a water source. This cabin was a mere twenty feet from the back to the edge of the river.

Bugs? Yep plenty of 'em in the mountains. I never did get the name of these critters. They weren't shy!

Cabin Rental Source: Sliding Rock Cabins

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