Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tree Removal Service Ellijay Ga

June of '07 I contracted two separate local contractors to handle tree removal and painting. At the time I still had business interests in Florida that needed attention so I would not be present during the work. Yea, being away from any work is never a good idea because one knows chances are good it won't get done properly.

This property was chilly due to the tree cover. With the creek so close to the cabin it also created alot of dampness. With June afternoon temperatures in the mid seventies and nothing but shade I was shivering much of the time. Something had to be done.

Before pictures...
photo taken from the edge of the creek
trees marked for removal

I called in a tree removal company named Brian's Tree Service out of Ellijay At least the guy was timely when I first met him. He had the talk and wanted to be your best friend to the point "you have to be careful with guys up here..." or "I can watch the place when you're gone..." This after I gave him a check upfront for the full amount to remove something like 25 trees. Yea, I wasn't thinking. I did have some serious issues at work so my mind wasn't on top of things.

I should have thought twice when he asked about throwing a line in the creek. Seems fishing was on his mind over work. In any event I said I would be back some 4-5 weeks later so he had plenty of time to get the work done. One week before returning I asked Jim Stover my real estate guy if he could look in on the work being done. I even offered Jim some kind of general contractor status where he would be paid for looking in on things while I was gone.

Jim is the kind of guy that will almost do anything for you; a real sense of integrity and commitment. He knows what this kind of attention can do for him down the road with referrals and such. To this day I try to help him out considering how bad the real estate market is.

Jim informs me some work was done, but the place was a mess. Something about truck problems and or wife/huntin' dog in the hospital. I can't remember which. I heard it many times before. Perhaps there was a problem, but come on dude call me and keep me posted. Afterall you have the cash already.

Could be these mountain guys only know one way of doing business (when we get around to it) and not much else is of any importance. This area was dirt poor until the mid eighties when the four lane highway 515 came though. Industries like chicken farming and logging were the only forms of survival as Ellijay was isolated from metro Atlanta and all other points. Moon shining was also a popular form of income prior to 1980. I have remnants of two small abandoned stills around my property to prove it.

After pictures. Including a new paint and stain job.

plenty of room for landscaping...

Overall I was not pleased with the tree work. Some trees had been removed that I did not want. Others were cut too close to the ground which has created some major headaches removing for landscaping purposes. I actually began marking each tree with orange surveyors tape before Brian's arrival but he assured me he would remember. What a mistake that was!! The mulch pile was put in the wrong place as was the small log pile. Overall rating POOR.

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