Thursday, August 28, 2008

Using Railroad Ties For Landscaping. Flower Bed

Passing by Builders Choice on Industrial Blvd a few months ago I couldn't resist a stack of used RR ties. For $8.00 something a pop I decided to have the yard guys load a dozen into my truck. What a mistake that was! The ride home caused damage to the tailgate of my '08 Ford Lariat when climbing the hills on my dirt road. No more of that, I'll pay for the delivery charges...or buy a beat up pickup truck.

Did I say how heavy these suckers were? Good lord! Anyway, the ties were planned for a bordered garden around the front of the cabin near the rocked foundation. Cutting them was another chore; bring out the new chainsaw. I managed to cut through the first one fairly easily but it didn't take long for the blade to dull. My handyman helper Tom informs me they're almost useless after cutting the ties. It's no wonder a recent sharpening attempt didn't do any good for some tree cutting I was doing. A trip to Lowes and another $25.00.

Fortunately my flower girl (mom) was around to choose what to put into the area. Considering I don't know beans about flowers or weeds I would have probably chosen the wrong plants. Placed in the areas were Geraniums, Petunias, Hostas, Babies Breath, and Impatience. Over the hotter summer months the flowered areas on the north side (right side of pictures) of the cabin did extremely well. It did get quite a bit of shade and benefited from from dew that falls off the roof in the mornings. The soil had always remained soft. On the east side the other plantings did not fare well because of the hot sun and lack of water while I was back in Florida for three weeks.

I may consider rain spouts on the north side and a cool looking rain barrel I saw at Home Depot in Blue Ridge. Attach a few soaker hoses and the watering problem is almost a non issue. I wonder if they have timers for those thingies?

Before pics...

After pics... Late May '08

Railroad tie flower bed

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  1. Wow! That looks awesome! I'm glad you two are enjoying paradise. We'll have to visit sometime. I just wish you were closer. :)
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