Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reliable Handyman Builds New Storage Area

Considering I was planning on living here full time, the amount of storage space was at a premium. A few areas in the loft, and bedroom closet under the staircase accounts for about 50 square feet. Where would all the tools go that I was going to drag up from Florida? Or what about the collection I've already picked up from Lowes and Ace hardware in town?

Tom Powers, Ellijay GaI asked Jim Stover for a man that could do the job and he offered Tom Powers (above) who is the handyman extraordinaire. Tom is the most reliable contractor to date. And he likes to call in the morning if he's running late. Otherwise I hear his truck coming down the driveway between 8:00 and 8:30 AM. What a relief. No guessing if somebody will show! Or more important, will first thing in the AM be early or late? Some guys think first thing in 10-11AM.

The new storage area would be under the back porch. Since day one I wanted to do something with the area because it became an eyesore. Downright fugly if you ask me. It was the ideal solution instead of building some shed on the property with no power. Tom handled the grading, framing, and electrical. Another source was called in for the concrete pad work, but no sense mentioning that name. He rated better than POOR, being mostly unreliable and having me play the waiting game. Overall workmanship was fair.

Realistically I could have handled the grading and framing, but I was still back and forth to Florida and needed it done quickly. It was also slated to be a temporary storage area for furniture that was coming up from Florida during the early August move.


Grading under back porch After...
Way back when...

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