Monday, August 18, 2008

Creekside Cabin In The Cartecay Valley Ga.

After a day or so it became obvious I was going after the creekside property located in the Cartecay valley of Gilmer County. To this day I keep asking myself, why was I looking for raw land? Was I expecting to build the Ponderosa or something? Yes, I had visions of a chunk of land where I could buy a few horses and let them run. What I did not realize until a month later with the final choice, a large meadow connects to my current property. It also includes another 600 feet of the same creek. Over 600 feet borders the current property.

This area would be perfect for a small stable and a few horses. Perhaps up on the hill could be the main house...again at a later date. The cabin itself could become a guest quarters. See pictures tomorrow.

Back to the cabin I chose. Built in 1991 with two previous owners, it had seen some neglect and was primarily a weekend retreat for Atlanta folks. Oh, I forgot to add...everything was included. I didn't even have to buy a fork! Most of the furniture was drabby but what the'll work for now I thought.

Wooded? Definately. Upon the June '06 purchase I spent a few weeks and discovered how cold it was because of the shade (too many trees) and dampness from the creek. I mean, it's June 15 and 60 degrees outside at 8AM but I'm shivering. Sure it's going to take some time to get used to the climate after living in tropical Florida for the last 26 years.

April '07 Pictures...

A bit smallish was my thinking at the time, but now that I think about's perfect. Approximately 1,100 square feet with a bedroom downstairs, and a loft upstairs that currently works for my bedroom and office. An addition is planned for the spring of '09.

Above photo is taken from the other side of the creek...

All others June '07...

Chink logged home. Just like the Ponderosa on Bonanza...

This picture is taken from the edge of the creek looking at the backside porch area. No problems associated with the house as it was inspected before the purchase. Trees however were creating some problems near the structure. The root system of one had begun to lift the porch by three inches. Leaves falling on the flat type porch roof was causing some minor rot on the edges.

The previous owners must have been paranoid of mosquitoes and other bugs as the porch was wrapped with screening. I asked around with those that had creekside property if there were bug problems. The consensus was very little. That stuff had to go!

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