Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain, Drainage Problems - Tropical Storm Fay

My driveway was a continual mess after I bought the place. It appears the former owners fixed things up a tad that didn't show the extent of the drainage problems around the property. The tree removal service and fellas that did some minor grading in May of 2008 both got stuck in the soft areas between the back porch and the creek. One thought it was buried construction debris that created a spongy area that would never go away.

Remember that gentle rolling creek? Not so gentle today after four inches of rain. In fact I kidded to mom who is making a visit..."looks like great tubing water!" The creek itself starts as a spring about one mile east through the valley and across state road 52. It gets quite a bit of rainwater runoff from adjacent properties with steep hills. Once a good rain hits it's just a matter of time before water gushing is heard from inside the cabin.

Let's see if I can upload this video from today. Being on a DSL connection I've had problems in the past. The clip is 12 seconds but does show the creek's potential. Looking up and down the creek banks I don't think the water rarely gets above this level. With 24 hour rain fall totals about five inches the water level reached about 20 inches from the height of the new flagstone patio yet to be completed. Steps from patio to creek may now be out of the question, but I've had my eye on a neat concrete mixing machine at Lowes. Video is taken from the porch with a SONY DSH-H9 camera.


  1. Great blog site. I'll have to keep checking in to see how you are making out.

  2. I'll be here Arthur:)

    The Host