Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quaint Meadow Adjacent To Property

As mentioned I really had not paid much attention to what surrounded my property. It was mid May when I paid the first visit with limited visibility and the the spring leaf growth. Low and behold look what's on the other side! I can be a dreamer, but what good is life without dreams!

Picture taken at 8:35 AM August 19, 2008. This would be cool. Now I can build that bridge I've been dreaming of too! A guy needs things to do. Shown below is the creek view where the bridge would likely span both properties. Photo above would bring it in on the left near the tree line in the foreground.

Up the creek on the other side of the meadow I also came across a thick patch of rhododendrons in April of '07.

Grabbing this piece of land would be wonderful, but along with it comes a price. It's currently owned by another who has an additional 40 acres north of it, more than likely investment property. But it was purchased in 2006 so I can't imagine anybody topping those prices for years to come. After all real estate is dead in this area too. Many depended on the Florida boom that went bust. Foreclosures are rampant in the hills too.

"Just gimme the meadow..."

Some ask me what I paid for my current property. Sure I bought it at the peak just as many others did across the USA, but it's a home and not a flipper. Something I never had in my 51 years after wasting most of my adult life by drinking and having no real goals. I did manage to get the former owners under $200K.

Did I mention the steep hill on the other side of the cabin and creek? That's on my list too. I'm a bit frightened by the area being logged like the other side of the hill in what seems like five years ago. Sure logging leaves some younger trees intact but they leave such a mess when they're done.

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