Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gravel Driveway Repairs - Scott Brothers Construction

Anybody that has a long steep driveway probably knows the situation. The driveway to the log cabin is 3/10 of one mile mostly downhill with a small flat section. The area near the bottom at the cabin had serious erosion problems. Being a novice to all of this, I just assumed calling in a grader and throwing some rock down would take care of the problem.


North area of driveway...

Opposite direction looking down the hill into the valley...

What made matters worse was the area between the back porch and creek. It became a retaining area for all the rain water that fell off the driveway and steep hill that surrounds the area on the north side of the cabin.

A call went in to Jeff Scott, a local grader that handles driveways, land clearing and the like. I liked Jeff from the beginning, but his sense of being on time or at least calling or remembering when he was supposed to make an appearance would have been nice. We came to an agreement to grade about half of the driveway (upper areas had no drainage problems) and put down some gravel. Jeff must not have had his thinking cap on because he quoted a price that was pretty good.

Bulldozing gravel drivewayHe was also kind enough to remove a stump that was on the edge of the new driveway. The tree cutters had cut it too close to the ground, but after about ten minutes it came out. Thanks Jeff.

Using a bulldozer to remove stumps What a change! After about six hours work and some 600 feet of driveway with new gravel I finally had something that was not pocked with ruts from the rain water runoff. It was also pitched or sloped much better so the water could run off the sides.

I thought I had matters solved until the first big cloudburst. In one 40 minute period in late May of this year we had three inches of rain. The new yard area had become a twelve inch mud bath. I suppose with all that new soil exposed it's gotta get settled...and settled into the low area between porch and creek.

More on that subject and recipes for better drainage another day...

Work performed by: Scott Brothers Construction, Ellijay. They also handle septic tanks, basements, pond construction, culverts and whatever you may have for them. I would have to give them a very good grade on actual work performed, but other aspects of customer service at the low end of the scale.

Phone 706-636-3244

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