Friday, November 14, 2008

Officially A Georgia Resident

After putting off a drivers license, primarily due to not being able to find my birth certificate, today I finalized everything by getting tags on my Ford. What a difference from Florida in the time spent obtaining a license and the plate. Blue Ridge is the closest driver license office(24 miles from home) a mere 25 minute ride up 515. Come to think of it no traffic lights in between either. Oh one, but it's a right hand turn. Find that in Florida!

The size of the DL office took me back. Room size could not be any larger than 15 by 15 feet, able to handle perhaps ten when they are busy. I showed ten minutes before open being the fourth in line. Had I arrived 40 minutes later when the crowd thinned out, time spent would have been less than 10 minutes. I was prepared ahead of time to take an hour plus. Love the rural life, no rush, no waiting in line...except WalMart on a Saturday night.

Upon practicing my photo pose it came out much better than my old Florida drivers license taken about a week after I quit drinking back in 2002. Shown with a six day beard. I just can't find the time to shave anymore...hehe. Note cold weather clothing!

Obtaining tags took even less time at the Gilmer County courthouse in Ellijay. Ten minutes...done. Those gals are probably bored most of the time.

Yes I consider myself lucky. Thanks Google.

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  1. Ha! Not a bad picture. Wish I could have gotten a re-do on mine... though my passport is worse. :)