Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where Did The Driveway Go? More Fall Foliage

A few pictures looking up and down my driveway upon returning from Florida last week. There's still some fall foliage to see but the colors are more on the darker side and not like the impressive colors of late October. I'll have to look more into the oak trees of North Georgia. Mine are almost bare of leaves but driving to town many haven't shedded. Incidentally the Live Oak is the state tree.

List of oaks in the state. Wow!

Oak, Black
Oak, Blackjack
Oak, Bluejack
Oak, Chestnut
Oak, Georgia
Oak, Laurel
Oak, Live
Oak, Northern Red
Oak, Overcup
Oak, Post
Oak, Scarlet
Oak, Shumard
Oak, Southern Red
Oak, Swamp Chestnut
Oak, Turkey
Oak, Water
Oak, White
Oak, Willow


Noticing some greenery around the area now that the leaves have fallen, I'll check into stuff that looks alive during the winter months. I didn't know ferns grew in the winter, but there are some healthy ones here and there.

More pics...

Here's a great source in identifying trees by leaf, bark, acorns etc. Now I'll know what I have.

Link to oak trees in Georgia.

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