Monday, November 10, 2008

Peanut Country - Plains Ga

Trying to imagine what this little cracker town was like back in the 70's when Jimmy Carter's name became known worldwide must have been a sight to see. Upon driving west on Ga state road 280 into town, a half minute later the town is gone. Small indeed. About 630 residents.

I'm sure all the photos have been seen before, but I was kind of surprised to see Billy Carters service station has become a museum! Not many photos to share as I had camera problems and made the mistake of showing up on the wrong day as even the local restaurant was closed! So much for breakfast.

Peanuts. How do they grow and how are they harvested? Much like a tomatoe plant in so far as height and harvested like wheat with large combines. A few pictures shot outside of town. A peanut field adjacent to a previously picked cotton field is worked on.

A few more peanut farming pics...

And some town pics on an early Monday morning. I will revisit another day.

Train station with trains still running.

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