Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Olde Town Chimney Sweep

I've been meaning to have someone look at the chimney I have, or better yet get the thing cleaned out before it causes a fire. Chances are good it's never been cleaned out of the soot and creosote that has been building up. Is that right? Soot and creosote...maybe they're the same thing? Oh well, it's not like anyone has used the place as a permanent residence but more of a weekend getaway from Atlanta since it was built. So who ever thought of cleaning the thing?

Here I thought these guys would be on the roof sticking long poles down the vent chute. Good luck I thought, that roof is steep! Instead the reliable (that means they showed up when they said they would) chimney guys took care of everything from indoors via a snakelike gizmo with a course wire attachment thingie on the end. The chimney pipe must be twenty feet from floor of the wood stove to the top exhaust on the roof.

chimney sweep brush

All the soot was brushed to fall into the whatchamacallit area and sucked up with a shop vac. I can't find the words today. Been doing tax bs, and impatient/frustrated. All in all I got an assessment of my wood stove, good or bad...passed the test. I feel more at ease now that I know how to operate the thing more efficiently and properly.

chimney sweep snake brushThe owner...Sidney. Note the ponytail. Very nice group of guys and I appreciate their timeliness. Five stars! A rarity here in the hills.