Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hurricane Ivan Remants

For those unfamiliar, Hurricane Ivan ravaged Alabama and Georgia back in September of 2004 dumping as much as twelve inches of rain in some areas over a two day period. I had been meaning to talk to my neighbor about "what's the highest level you've seen the creek?" He's a newcomer too, but a native of the area.

Although he wasn't here during Ivan a few references were helpful from Ray and Pam (neighbors at the top of the hill) who founded our little community back in 1989. According to their first hand experience about 1-2 feet of water would be in my current storage area. Nice to know in case I need to prepare.

I always wondered how some of this brush (below) got into the middle of the woods and why there are bunches of small twigs (above) lodged in some trees that overhang the creek. It must have been Ivan. With that in mind it looks like my new pathways would be washed away quite easily.


  1. That is not very comforting....

  2. Life is an adventure! That creek was riding high a few days ago. Too bad I haven't fixed my rain guage.