Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ruidoso, New Mexico - Gambling Mecca

I didn't think I'd see a gambling town on my way through New Mexico after leaving Roswell. Travelling the sparse route along US 70 first showed a race track. "Out here in the middle of...well...nowhere?" I thought. Then the Billy The Kid Casino on the right, and a few others along the way. Plenty of new hotels along the main drag. It looks like the town is thriving.

Ruidoso is really out of the way tucked up in the mountains northeast of the White Sands missile range. The elevations took me by suprise as well, but what did I know about New Mexico? After seeing the sign below I did some more digging and discovered there are some peaks over 12,000 feet.

...and they have moose! Haven't seen one of those critters thus far in my sheltered life.

A view from the west side after coming down the mountains.


  1. Moose? Thats funny but being an ex-Floridian I can understand the confusion. Its an Elk...

  2. Go West Young Man...

    Mimi and I are following your trip over morning coffee. Glad you are enjoying yourself.

    To avoid further "moose" confusion i've provided a better pic than the road sign.

  3. P.S. Mimi wants to know if you visited your friend in Texas...she was hoping for pics. ;)