Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Roswell, New Mexico UFO Musuem

Roswell UFO museum I thought the town would be filled with more UFO stuff than it actually has, but even these folks have to take life seriously. On the outside of town the welcome sign simply states dairy capital of the southwest. At least I can claim..."hey I've been there and even bought a souvenir shirt to prove it."

The UFO museum, formally a movie theater has a great deal of information on the Roswell incident including a very large library of science fiction books and films you can actually check out. I thought the museum entry cost was a bit steep for what they offer; $ 16.00 per person.

And yep they have alien decorated street lamps still with Santa hats atop them.

Roswell alien street lamps

And they have one little guy captured for display...

And finally the autopsy....

alien autopsySome miscellaneous cartoons of the day..

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