Monday, January 12, 2009

Wind Power. Sweetwater TX

Stop over in President George Bush's hometown, Midland TX. Not much to see as the winds were kicking up fiercely upon arrival near sunset. If you should happen to visit from the east I would not advise taking the business loop. The area needs help.

Nice I had a chance to see something interesting while driving west on I-20 from Dallas Fort Worth yesterday afternoon. I mean, this country can get boring, but don't tell any proud Texan that. I had driven the route almost five years ago but don't recall the wind farms. Having seen these things on the Discovery channel I knew they were large, but actually seeing them close up is a reality trip.

Sweetwater Texas area.

wind farms Sweetwater TXParts being transported along the interstate. Note the trucks below on the left to give a better idea of the blade size.

Wind turbine blade
More pictures of Texas later, including my interesting stop at the Southfork Ranch near Dallas. It's off to Roswell, NM this morning; a three and a half hour drive.

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Texas Wind Energy

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  1. I worked on a wind power program for awhile. Interesting stuff. The blades get fitted with a huge bearing and spur gear on the end to allow them to rotate out of high winds. Its the pitch control.