Friday, January 9, 2009

Technology When It Doesn't Work

Grrrr. I hate this stuff. It looks like I'll be on my third laptop now. Tried doing some stupid windows update and didn't realize it would take so long. As you can imagine my impatience took the best of me. I shut it down.

Now it says it's broken, can't be fixed...blah, blah. So I thought "hey I have that other Toshiba laptop, it works...only six years old and it says satellite!" Bah hum bug . Can't get the Verizon wireless installed and I'm not about to test the waters with hotels along my route and their so called free wireless internet. I can't count how many problems I've had with that in the past.

Yea hooking up to a hardwire (actual high speed cable) is the answer but try asking a hotel clerk if they have that. They'll say. "Sure, we have high speed internet." They don't understand. Oh well I've been meaning to grab a new laptop used strictly for video so I can keep things more organized. Organized me?

I may try the Geek squad down in Cumming this afternoon to see if they can tell me what's wrong with #2 laptop. It kinda stinks going on the road tomorrow without all the saved webpages I have. Tried to handle the task of saving those to a CD as well. I know the steps...C:\Documents and Settings\Me\Favorites but the lousy desktop I have doesn't recognize the cd that's sitting in there ready to copy!

Grrrr. Then there's the case of the Mini DV camera. No problem, works like a charm... but...that's what started this thing. Sure it will capture video on my desktop but not laptop #2 regardless of what I tried to do. It has the right firewire connection etc but the lousy laptop only wanted to capture the images from the live web cam that I never use!

Grrrrr! I need a real vacation.

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