Monday, January 12, 2009

Southfork Ranch Photos - Dallas Area

It isn't a large mansion by any means and the downstairs bedrooms are very small, but this spread is by far one of the most regognized in TV history or up there in the likes of the Ponderosa of Bonanza. Dallas the show is one of my all time favorite TV shows and being there made it just as memorable.

For thirteen years all scenes around the pool, back patio/upstairs balcony, and driveway were shot on the Parker Texas ranch. Interior scenes done in Hollywood.

A few critters on the ranch...

Longhorn bull from the upstairs balcony...noisy fella too

Look. He's winking at you...

Shetland ponies...

And some house pics..

The ranch itself holds over 1,000 events each year from corporate get togethers to high school proms in larger buildings adjacent to the home built after the TV series ended. If you're hungry there's Miss Ellies restaurant(not open during my early morning visit) and for gifts you can check out Jocks '77 Lincoln while browsing.

Jock Ewing '77 Mark V

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