Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tempe, Arizona - College Town

Sister Kim has been in Arizona since way back when. This being my second visit in 30 years (2004 the first) I met a new member of the family; Ky the black dog behind "big yeller." Yea these critters can keep one busy, but they have been calmer than I expected. They're ready to play some ball, but what else is new.

I ask them every morning..."okay boys what's on the schedule today?" Looks like rest and relaxation in the warm Arizona sun. Speaking of weather, mid 70's sure beats the frigid cold my home is getting presently. It actually dipped below 10 degrees in Ellijay this morning.

I made it to the local nine hole golf course already. Sorry the only pics are of the score card. My nephew Cole and one of his buds joined in, along with sister Kim who claims I never have beaten her...until yesterday. I never thought of it really, but it could be true. But then she was hitting from the ladies tees at Doylestown CC back in those days.

Well the boys want to play. Signing off until early next week from Jerome, Arizona.

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