Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fleeing To Warmer Weather

I'll be on the road starting Saturday January 10. Time to flee these hills in search of warmer weather for about six weeks. Where will my travels take me? The map below gives one a better idea.

Thick blue line- Areas I will be driving west
Red line- Amtrak Sunset Limited
White line- Driving from New Orleans to home.


A- Ellijay, GA - January 10
B- Dallas, TX - January 11-13
C- Roswell, NM - January 13-15
D- Arizona January 15 -February 2
E- Las Vegas, NV - February 2-7
F- Burbank, CA - February 7-11
G- Monterrey, CA - February 11-14
H- Mountain View, CA - February 14-17
I- San Diego, CA - February 17-20 (Tentative)
J- Tempe, AZ - February 20-25

Above dates may be adjusted to catch earlier eastbound train from Arizona. Schedule only runs three times each week. Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Along with that I have to time the train with my truck that will be transported from Tempe to New Orleans.

Return Trip


Start: Maricopa Arizona Wed. February 25 11:17 AM
End: New Orleans, LA Friday February 26 4:00 PM

So maybe you're wondering? What's in Roswell, New Mexico? Aliens! I love science fiction..and I've always wanted to visit the place.

...and what's in Mountain View?

...and while I'm near the Bay Area...

Monterrey... Is that spelled right? Blogger spell checker says so.


  1. I can't wait to see the pictures! Please tell ET to phone home!

  2. I'll be missing their annual fest, but I'm sure the town has all sorts of intesting stuff including street lamps the shape of alien heads.